Baldi Valuation evaluates commercial property based on objective analysis, in-depth knowledge of local real estate markets, and well advised judgment. We value customer relationships and understand our clients need quick turnarounds and attentive customer service with every assignment. We believe in a positive work environment, where people get excited about real estate and serving the industry. We cover a geography that encompasses the State of Connecticut and Rhode Island. Assignments are considered in New York and Massachusetts on a case-by-case basis.


Our difference is customer service and responsiveness. Considering the current economic climate, we understand that any reasonable advantage to successfully complete a transaction should be employed. That includes contracting with a responsive, professional, and objective commercial appraiser. Many of our lending clients would report that we have been an advantage, and a strongpoint, within their loan supply chain. We produce excellent work, and complete it on time, over and over again. Our clients have confidence in our turnaround times and quality, allowing them to get business done faster and more efficiently.

Quality and Service

We provide independent valuations in accordance with the highest industry standards. Our clients often notify us that we have done an outstanding job for them, or that a borrower reported how the appraiser was responsive, respectful, and considerate. Our goal is nothing short of an outstanding review, and we do not tolerate late work, or work that is not absolutely first rate. All properties are inspected, and all valuations are carefully crafted by an MAI appraiser at our company.

Technology and Constant Improvement

Baldi Valuation continually focuses on improving product quality, communication, and the overall customer experience. Our firm uses state of the art appraisal software and technology that provides competitive advantage in data management, report quality, and production capacity. Baldi Valuation has a mission to stay a leap ahead of the competition in areas of technology.

Education and Experience

All employees at Baldi Valuation have graduated from leading business universities, such as the University of Connecticut. Employees are carefully selected based primarily on their character. In addition, all of our employees are currently working towards full certification and an eventual MAI designation. An MAI Designation denotes the highest level of valuation education and experience. Employees are required to get involved within the industry with respect to membership in trade organizations, board positions, and specialty education.